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Coach Fisher received the "Bob Arzen Award" on March 15, 2014 at halftime of the State Championships at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus. The award is in recognition of head coaches who have dedicated 20 consecutive years at the same high school. Coach Fisher has been coaching at Sheridan since the 1993-94 season.<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=158145&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Winito Athletics Demo Video
Cavs Endure Generals' Comeback, Advance
Author: Derrick Webb
CHILLICOTHE - Put simply, Sheridan's self-orchestrated hole was just too deep to climb out of Thursday night. After allowing fourth-seeded Chillicothe (17-8) to start the ballgame on a 16-2 run, the second-seeded Generals fell to the Cavaliers 4
Generals Advance
Author: Times Recorder Staff Reporter
LOGAN - Second seed Sheridan raced out to a 38-16 halftime lead and rolled past seventh seed Marietta 58-37 in the Division II sectional Thursday at Logan. The Generals (19-4) face Vinton County in the sectional final at 12:15 p.m. Saturday at Logan
HS Roundup
Author: Staff Reporter Times Recorder
Sheridan 62, West Muskingum 26: Rachel Cooke scored 17 points and had eight rebounds for Sheridan in an MVL win on the road. Katrina Scheuvront had 8 points and 10 rebounds for the Generals; Donna Swinhehart had 14 points and five assists, and
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