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Coach Fisher received the "Bob Arzen Award" on March 15, 2014 at halftime of the State Championships at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus. The award is in recognition of head coaches who have dedicated 20 consecutive years at the same high school. Coach Fisher has been coaching at Sheridan since the 1993-94 season.<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=158145&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Shooting woes doom Sheridan
Author: Sam Blackburn
HILLICOTHE – Sometimes, basketball is simply about making shots. Top-seeded Sheridan, against perhaps its toughest opponent of the season, didn’t do nearly enough of it in a 46-33 loss to Washington Court House Miami Trace in a Division II district
Third-Quarter Surge Propels Generals to Win
Author: Brandon Hannahs
LOGAN – Halftime provided a much-needed break for Sheridan. The top seeded Generals overcame an 11-of-38 first-half shooting effort by making eight of their first 10 shots in the third quarter as they rolled to a 62-36 win over fourth seed Pomeroy M
Sheridan Sophomore Shines with 31 Points in Tourney Win
Author: Craig Dunn
LOGAN — For 16 years, the Logan-Hocking Middle School gym — later renamed Katie Smith Gymnasium in honor of Logan's all-time greatest basketball player — was the original Purple Palace that housed an abundance of memorable team and individual perform
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